Ambilight stopped working (Yeelight LED ceiling lamp 650 mm)

Hello, I have a problem (Yeelight LED ceiling lamp 650 mm), after upgrade firmware to 1.5.9_0053 the backlight stopped working. It does not work at all but application shows that it is turned on. Mi 1711916382, Chinese server. Please, help.

Please help me

Dear Yeelight support,
The same problem.
Ambilight suddenly stopped working
Lamp regularly worked for about a week. And Ambilight stopped turning on. In the application, everything is available is registered, there is no response on the lamp.
The main light works without problems.
Reset to factory settings. Nothing has changed.
SN YL032 / 00050516
Mi id 255469047
Please help!

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I have the same issues as mentioned above.

I have from today the same problem. I try to reset but nothing. Ambilight not working, all off. The light have 3 months…

I have the same problem. Ambilight stopped working after month or so.
Any news from yeelight support team?

Hi all,
Please provide me the serial number of your device.
We will help you check the problem.

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Hello) SN: YL032/00051863

Thank you)

Hi, I have the same problem. SN: YL031/00031532

SN YL032 / 00050516

У кого-нибудь починили?

Same problem here. Not sure though if it was after a firmware update or not. But it has been working for about a month and then just stopped. SN YL032/00046831, latest firmware, Ambilight on in the app, server Singapore. Tried resetting, reconnecting.

Since today I also have the same issue.

Same lamp and also firmware 1.5.9_0053

Any update regarding the issue?

for me the problem for two months, the Ambilight does not work anymore.
In the app is shown that it is turned on, you can choose different colors but the light does not work.

Maybe someone from Support can tell you what a defect can be.


As you can see, various people have the issue.

Is there no help from you?
Is it an Hardware issue?

Dear Yeelight staff, is there going to be any reply from your side? The issue seems like a widespread one, but no support or even acknowledgement of the fact you know about the issue and try to look into it. This is supposed to be the one and only official support link and it’s sad to see you operate just like those sellers on various platforms who sell you stuff, get the money and disappear. No support, no action.



Can’t be that no-one from your side is responding to the issue we are all facing.
@yuweniqian is also no longer responding…

Could you point the issue to some of your technical staff members and tell us how to proceed?

Hello, I’m facing issues with this very light for nearly two year now. No matter how much do you urge them here they will NEVER solve your problem. So much i can promise.
There are tens of people begging yeelight staff to help them with problems of this light. Problems, that any developer would solve in few hours, but the only thing we ever get are empty promises and excuses.

Customer service of yeelight is literally the top level of ignorance and incompetence. So if I can advice you, the only you can do is to alert other people and convince them not to buy their products.

True and really bad.

I loved the YeeLight lamps so far but will - as you suggested - sell all my yeelilghts and choose another brand in the future. Of course I will also tell all my friends not to buy these products.

A shame that YeeLight is part of Xiaomi…