In need of an Austrailan plug adaptor


I received the Yeelight bedside lamp as a gift. A friend ordered it online and the box came with a Singapore plug adaptor (which clips onto the charger).

Does anyone know where I can get an AU plug adaptor from without having to order a whole new charger?



I have attached photos to show the Singapore plug adaptor. I only just want to know where I can get an Australian plug adaptor. It is the same shape as China plug (/ ).

Alternatively, will the Yeelight converting cable work with this bedside lamp?

Please help!

Hello anyone? Yeelight staff members??

I have a friend in China if you need a China address to send to first.

Yeelight sells their lightstrips with Chinese plugs which are same as Australian ones. I don’t think Yeelight sells them separately though.

The adapter is made by Huoniu in Shenzhen. Huoniu also makes the adapter used by Xiaomi’s WiFi lamps and those employ the very same “international” AC adapter plug design.

Unfortunately you’re up the same sh1t creek without a paddle whether you bought your lamps from Xiaomi or Yeelight because Huoniu don’t offer replacement adapter plates even on their own website. Nor do Cenwell Technologies (also of Shenzhen) and nor do Tiger Power supplies who all use this same design in several products. Even their power adapters are only sold to OEMs, and you’ll be lucky to find a single retailer who even stocks a compatible plug that you can borrow a regional adapter plate from.

Your only real recourse is to get the voltage, current and power requirements of the lamp from the documented specifications and find a third party power supply with the right type of barrel plug,