White bulb II - strange behavior with color temperature

I tested this bulb with the many different way and my question is - Why it behave that way?

Lets set a starting point, bulb turned on 100%
default color temperature 3500K, and I measuring light density with lux meter.
At the moment I got 123 lx
When i change brightness to 1% with the slider, then readout is 17 lx - remember this 17 lx with 1% Br.

Now i made customized scene with following parameters:
Color temp 4100K
Brightness 1%
Starting readout is 2 lx - with manual slider is 17 lx ???
waiting 10 min and reading got up to 7 lx
I understand the bulb warming up and give out more than in starting point.

But now starts very strange things:
I try to do following - change, after every 2 min, color temp and after 8 min rise brightness also.
Here is scene settings

  1. color-2700K Br.-1% time-2:00
  2. color-3100K Br.-1% time-2:00
  3. color-3500K Br.-1% time-2:00
  4. color-3900K Br.-1% time-2:00
  5. color-4100K Br.-2% time-2:00
  6. color-4100K Br.-3% time-10:00
    Here is the real readings with the time elapsed
    start 2 lx
    30sec 3 lx
    50sec 4 lx
    1:10 7 lx
    1:45 15 lx
    2:00 21 lx
    4:00 23 lx
    6:00 24 lx
    9:00 24 lx
    11:00 28 lx

I also done same setup with the pause command after every row but with the same outcome.
What is that?