Yeelight YLXD01YL 320 and MiHome Europe Server

Hi there, i own two Yeelight YLXD01YL 320.
Unfortunately i was unable to add them to MiHome using Europe server, as there’s no option available.
While trying to add them with China Mainland server, one of the Yeelight was unable to complete 100% the process, and both of them were completely erratic and unresponsive.

Will Europe Server for MiHome be an option for Yeelight YLXD01YL 320 in the near future?

Not sure about this. But you can have a try with Yeelight application, which supports Europe server.

Sure, it’s working OK with Yeelight app and Europe server.
But not MiHome, and that could be a problem at some stage if other functionalities are required and not covered by Yeelight app (i.e. interaction with Aqara wireless switch).

I won’t be able to make it work an Aqara wall switch with my Yeelight Ceiling Lights if I cannot add them to MiHome Europe server (cause i’m having several connectivity problems with China server at MiHome with Yeelight Ceiling Lights).

Even Yeelight app works right with China Server, but not MiHome.
Don’t know why, my Xiaomi Robot Vacuum doesn’t have those problems with China Mainland Server.

Hello GAF,
Can You try to:

  • reinstall mi home app.
  • change device with mi home installed.
  • check your router DNS and try to set up Google DNS or remove them.
  • check your router wifi signal, and make sure Its strong enough to reach your ceiling.
  • try to connect your ceiling to a mobile hotspot under 4G network
  • try to disabile 5g on your router and work only in 2.4g
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Yeelight and Mihome share the same cloud server, which means if you have connected the lamp to Yeelight with china server, you will also see it in Mihome with same server.

And Mihome is not in Yeelight control, it has its own strategy to decide which device the server support.

You mean that if I sync with Yeelight app and China Server, when I open MiHome app (and China Server) I will see my Yeelight Ceiling Lights there already added?
I would say no. I think i already tried that, and had to reset Ceiling Lights so that were discoverable by MiHome app.

Definitely yes, anything (Yeelights) you add to one app (on the same server) you will see in other…

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Please show the server you selected from Mihome and Yeelight.

Will try again and show you some screenshots if it doesn´t work.
Thanks for the answers

Confirmed, reinstalled Yeelight app, and added ceiling light to Yeelight app and China mainland server.
Reinstalled Mi Home app, and selected China mainland server, and the ceiling lights were there. Finally added again my robot vacuum.

So the problem was resetting ceiling lights to add them to Mi Home, it was unnecessary.

Next step, aqara smart switches.
Thanks to all!!