Yeelight Led Ceiling lights / IFTTT cannot find group or scene


I have

  • two Yeelight [YLXD05YL] 480 LED Ceiling Lights
  • two Yeelight [YLXD01YL] 320 Smart LED Ceiling Lights
  • one Yeelight LED Bulb II (White)

They all work properly with the Yeelight app, separately and as a group I made. I can also command them with voice via Alexa. I can makes scenes in the app.

In IFTTT the individual lights work in the applets separately, BUT I cannot use them as a group or a scene. For example: I want the lights to shut down when I leave my apartment, so I choose the location perimeter on the map, and when it asks to choose the light I can see the list of the lights but not the group I have made of the same lights.

When I try to circumvent the problem by making my own applet: location “you exit an area” -> Yeelight set scene (all lights are added in the scene with scene action being “turn off”) -> “There was a problem processing the request” and it freezes with “loading”, does not show a scene list and because of that does not let me create the action.

Do I have to add the lights one by one, by making 5 identical applets and choosing the approximately same map point for each, or is there a better fix for this?

I have tried both German and Singapore servers with same setup, and the problem stays the same too.

My MI ID is 1839706918. I would really appreciate all the help and tips I could get to solve this, Thanks!

Had change Application server for IFTTT just those days.
Pls try again.and if not works,please tell me.

This is still not working for me. When trying to set up an applet on the IFTTT website, I see the following web traffic in developer tools:

Toggle lights on/off (working)

response: {"device_id":[{"label":"bedroom overhead 1","value":"87570083@us","group":null},{"label":"bathroom 4","value":"87603200@us","group":null},{"label":"bathroom 2","value":"87603233@us","group":null},{"label":"bathroom 3","value":"87603247@us","group":null},{"label":"bathroom 1","value":"87603628@us","group":null},{"label":"bedroom desk","value":"87612565@us","group":null},{"label":"bedroom overhead 3","value":"87612968@us","group":null},{"label":"bedroom closet","value":"87613601@us","group":null},{"label":"bedroom overhead 2","value":"87613702@us","group":null}]}

Set Scene (not working)

response: {"bundle_id":null}

It seems that you hadn’t create a scene bundle and add your lights in.
Please confirm that situation.