Yeelight 650 turns ON alone

following my previous best practice topic, I’ve putted electricity directly connect to lamp, removed the classic wall switch’s, but I have an issue: I turn off the lamp with the remote control (OFF Button), and after some time, it turn’s ON alone without touching anything. What could be happening?

Are the Yeelight sensible to very small peaks and for every little voltage change they assume it has been switch off and restart bringing light ON ?

I think you should wait for an staff member to reply.

Which firmware version of the ceiling lamp is? Have you connected it to Yeelight application? Does the lamp show online when it turns on?

I didn’t connect it already to the yeelight application, as I’m waiting for internet installation and router in my new house.
I’ll wait for it and use ithe lamps on standalone for the moment, with the classic switches.
When I connect all by router and to the yeelight app, I’ll retest.

Thanks you

Ok, please update to latest firmware and have a try.