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I’m going to put some yeelight ceilling lights in my home and I’ve been thinking in avoid the existant wall switches and put the electricity cable directely (so always ON) and this way the yeelight lamps have always power.
Then the power control (on/off) will be done only by the remote control or with an aqara wall switch.
Is that correct? Or i should maintant the existant wall switchs and do the power ‘management’ by the old traditional way (button on/off).


I had it for almost a year WITH normal switches (plus Aqara wireless) and since couple of months removed all classic switches… No problems. If anything, I can always turn all lights with circuit breaker :slight_smile:

Yes, the central circuit breakers are always a backup option.
I’me putting directly, without the classic wall switch.

How did you place the wireless switches? Or do you just have them laying around?

I just connect directly the power cable on the wall switch, avoiding the power interruption made by the switch. The classic switch interrupts the circuit, unplug the 2 cables plugged on the switch and join them directly (with a electricity cable fix for example)

So you mean there is a way to mount the wireless switches into the wall?

@UncleEddy we were talking here about classic switch, not the wireless or wired from aqara.
The subject was disable or not the classic/standard switch used for the normal lamps and connect the electricity directly to the yeelight lamps, without cutting power with standard switchs.
The wireless switches you place wherever you want, or use just the remote control.

I already posted the picture, but here it is again, the Aqara switches are on the wall, next to what were once physical switches :slight_smile:

Thanks! I just couldn’t imagine that the tape would actually stick to the wall…

Don’t know if I should wait for the Yeelight Wall Switch, and hope that it even works with the products I have at the moment, or if I should just buy the complete aqara set…

Yes, it holds well. As far as Yeelight switch is concerned… from what we know now, it should have brightness regulator, so if you need that, that might be a good feature to wait for it… depends on your priorities :slight_smile: I just put Aqara everywhere

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