Yeelight RBG can't change color via Google Assistant/Home

I have been using my Yeelight RGB Bulb for 1+ year via Mi Home app controlling it’s brightness and color easily via this app.
I recently got a Google Home Mini. I removed the device from the Mi Home app and did the whole process of adding it to my Home Control section in my Google account.
Neither from my Google Home Mini via voice or via Google Assistant app from my phone I am able to change the color of the bulb. Seems that Google thinks my Bulb is one of those that only change brightness and the only color available it’s white. My parents have that model so I am sure that’s how their Google Assistant controls it.
I tried to remove it and re add it many times. Always gives me back a negative response, saying it can’t change the color of the bulb.
What can I do to fix this?

You can handle colors by voice. For example, say Hey Google, turn the Lightbulb green.

But as I know there is no way to switch it back to white light by voice (except by using predefined scenes). However, I’m agree that it’s a shame that Assistant has no UI to set colors on Android, especially that on iOS the Google Home app has a small Color button under the brightness slider with all kind of color presets available to set (you can easily google it for examples). Seems like it’s a Home app issue after all, not Yeelight.