Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 cant connect to google home

I have buy 2 Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 ceiling ligths
I manage to pair them with the remote and can even work with them on the android app with no problems
But wen I try to link them to google home they dont link
I add the device, enter my xiaomi login and get a message that I was sucess and accounts are now linked, but then nothing happens and I dont have none of the led ligths or even the yeelight linked on my google home
Mi ID is 1830066683
I try the german server and the USA server, several times and had no luck
Can you please help me?

Can anyone help me please?

Which skill do you select in Google Home? Please try with yeelight.

Once it says ‘done’. Wait untill the screen dissappears. This can take 30 seconds or so. (Do NOT click ‘done’).

After this it should work. If this doesn’t work yet, say the following phrase to Google Home: ‘Hey Google, synchronize all devices.’

Im trying with the yeelight skill, nothing happens

Google cant syncronize, because after the 30 seconds or so and after the message “sucess”, the yeelight skill does not appear on the google home app

Try china servers and say Hey Google “sync devices”…