Can't set scenes in ifttt


But I can’t make applet until I choose scene and I can’t see any scene, thats the problem


So,could you please give the IFTTT account id to me?


Hello @sheldon ,
First thank you for your interest in try to solve this Issue.

My Yeelight ID : 1588806339 .and my Ifttt user is PKoso75.
Im using Yeelight server in Mainland China.
Ifttt is working ok with one lamp but as @mantastic I have same problem when I try to make a applet with a Scene I have the error of “there was an error procesing your request” and the screen is paused in “loading …” and cant choose what scene to use.
Hope you can fix it cause this IFTTT integration with the scene is very usefull so we can make Applets for All light off when exit location. Or some On on Location enter.
Thank you.

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I have the same problem with the scenes not loading in IFTTT.

My IFTTT user is Donly1

Would appreciate some help too. Thank you.


user id is: ange987


Dear Yeelight Team,

I seem to have the same problem as mentioned above:
When creating an IFTTT applet (within the IFTTT app or within the IFTTT website) with the Yeelight action “Set scene” I get the error message “There was an error processing your request” and I can’t choose a scene.

For reference: From the Alexa App I can select Yeelight scenes without a problem.
My MI ID: 6152157181
Server: Germany
My IFTTT acc: biz63

This problem really limits the automation capabilities of Yeelights, which is a shame, as they are really neat lights :slight_smile:

If you need more info, I would be glad to help.

Hope for a fix! Thanks!


I’ve been having the same issue. I think it might be an issue with how yeelight and segment are communicating.

Please see console screenshot:


Not working on scene over here too.

Is someone at Yeelight working on this?


Same problem here.

MI ID: 1899190645
Server: Singapore


same here
every other action is working great except for the “set scene” described above.
tried on desktop and on app


Same issue for Yeelight Ceiling Light YLXD01YL


Exactly the same issue here with Yeelight v1 color bulb. I have tried re-creating my IFTTT profile, reconnect my Yeelight account, resetting my bulbs… nothing helps. The scenes are still unavailable.
(The bulbs are individually visible from IFTTT, but the groups or scenes are not.)

My error message is the same as on the screenshots above.


I’m having exactly the same problem. I’m using the US server, and as others have already said, everything works perfectly with IFTTT, except the custom scenes. I saw that everyone used Android, I’m using iOS but the problem is the same.


same issue, german server - unable to see any of the scenes in IFTTT.
this is really disappointing as it has been months already since reported.


Still no answer to this problem?? Really disappointed in Yeelight.
Other cheaper brands are actually working better with IFTTT…
I chose Yeelight thinking the quality and assistance would be better… Clearly not the case…


I also like to know when this will be fixed?


Still no answer to this problem?? Lots of owner are disappointed because of this unknown situation. A simple answer will be enough for us: “It will be fixed” or “There’s no solution” as simple as that.

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I’m very disappointed that this is missing. If I knew that this function was missing I would have never bought these lights in the first place. Until this is fixed or at least acknowledged that it will be fixed I can’t recommend Yeelight to anyone.