Lan mode has suddently stopped working

Hello, I am currently having a v1 bulb running on the 1.4.2_0071 firmware and have recently been having problems with LAN mode. The thing is that it only works for, roughly the 30 first minutes it is plugged in then it stops listening to commands and programs can’t find it. The thing is that everything works perfectly in the app but I can’t get lan mode to work for more than an hour. This is a really big problem for me since that is basically the only way I control the bulb. I have tried resetting it but that didn’t fix it either. I also have the desktop lamp and lan mode works perfectly with it so it’s not a problem with my wifi.


Could someone at Yeelight please answer?

@calania Did Lan mode work well in before firmware version?

@liufei Please take a look at the issue.

Sorry I didn’t use the bulb mush after updating so I am not sure but I am fairly certain that it did work after the update. I also noticed that if I were to turn the Lan mode off an then on again it works for a few seconds.

I don’t know if the bulb makes any logs, but if it does I will share theam with you! If you have any suggestions or ideas you would want me to try, then just tell me :slight_smile:

But can just add that I have used Lan mode for over a year on the bulb and have never had any issues before

I don’t know if you did anything but my app was updated this week and lan mode has been working ever since