Yeelight Bedside Lamp with Google Home

Hi. Trying to connect the light with my google home.
I have managed to get to the step where the accounts have connected, but the device is not showing on the Google Home app, and is not able to add the device.

Thank you.

Yeelight Bedside lamp is based on bluetooth, GH don’t support bluetooth devices.

Actually, the Yeelight Bedside Lights I have (4 of them) worked fine with Google Assistant. Every function, scenes, colour, dimmer, etc. However, recently this stopped being the case. All the Bedside Lights no longer connect to Google Assistant even though the rest of our Yeelight Bulbs (E27) continue as normal.

I have checked the wifi connection and each of the 4 are still connected to my wifi. I’d like to know how to get them back up to speed. Unless there is an issue with the models no longer being supported. I tried IFTTT and was able to get limited control but I have more work there to do and I would obviously prefer to have the full direct Google Assistant support.

Anyone can help me here?

Thanks, Mike