Xiaomi Mijia Smart Switch + Yeelight

Hello Yeelight Fans and well Yeelight Staff!
I am a bit confused with the Android app. I have set Mi Home to Mainland China (since I have smart home items not supported on the “global” servers, same with Yeelight.
I can add easy stuff like turn on/off, but I am trying to make it so it will change to a specific color on double press.
I have seen something about “Smart Scene” Activate flow mode via Xiaomi Wireless Switch?
but I don’t have such menu’s at all… anyone owned the Xiaomi Smart Home Kit and used the Wireless buttons? I just got 3 buttons, was hoping to replace the need of pressing multiple yeelights/using phone.

Option wise I assume it has to be “Turn on and set light” but it only gives me options from “Recommend” and “Favorites” and it doesn’t seem to give me any user define settings. Favorites is empty too.

Same issue with motion sensor, was thinking of making lights turn on for 10 seconds as I go to the bathroom at night. xD

Hello, please add a color you like to Favorites then you can find it in tab of “Favorites”.

You can find save button at top of control view with heart-shaped.

So sorry for taking your time, I feel stupid, here is my step by step:

  1. Add to favorites in Yeelight app.
  2. Check if it is in favorites in Yeelight app.

    (I guess it is)
  3. Add automation in Mi Home app.
  4. Pick “Turn on and set light” and go to Favorites.

    It is still empty =(

Favorites between Yeelight and Mihome are separate, please save your favorite color in Mihome.

Oooh, ok that explains a lot. Weird, but I don’t see any options to choose or control color in the Mi Home app at all.

I guess I will have to find a Mi Home forum to ask about it, but if by any chance you know, would be glad to know.
So far the smart home is not so smart, guess I need to immigrate to China to make it all work, haha, so many cool features do not work.

Click card of lightstrip, it will be load a view to control. So is there any response when you click the card?

Not sure why, but I do not have this “card” option at all. Just deleted the lightship, reset and added again. Still no control - I can only turn ON or OFF and adjust brightness. Clicking more operations does nothing.

It seems you have enabled “Shortcut card”, Please click “More operations” to see what happens.


Yeah, does not do anything at all. I have “Current version 5.4.50” it was side loaded from Xiaomi itself, going to try deleting it and getting the Google Play version, maybe it’s better. Guess I will go grab some Yeelight e27 bulbs and see if there is a menu with those.

Installed version 5.4.49 (current for Google Play, but Mi Home is asking for update) added the e27 light bulb, the e27 does have these settings!!!

I guess something is broken with the lightstrips.

Was thinking if I add fav via e27 I can use it for lightstrips - guess you cannot.
Using the e27:

Just as you said from the start, but with the lightstrip it’s still empty and no options for settings:

Lightstrip firmware 1.4.2_0049 latest in app.

Yes, that’s a normal scene.we have followed EU GDPR and change our function service to MI KV service which only support this function by device id.

Not super sure I understood this. Favorites cannot be shared? Light strip firmware to allow scenes is a work in progress or I have some issue with my device ID. So sorry. Tested with 4 lightships, purchased at different times - none have the “more operations” working. All my e27 bulbs seem to have “more operations” working.

Yes. Favorites cannot be shared. I just tested light strip which “more operation” was working well. Could you provide us with more setting information about the MIHome App‘s language、server region and your account ID.

English language. Mainland China server.
Account ID 1605729185
I didn’t add everything yet, but the lightstrips are already on it.

I think i have got the point of this issue, it’s a long time since we published new version for light strip last time, I add your account ID into whitelist and need you to try again after cleanning MIHome App’s cache. Hope it works.

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Yay! Lightstrips got updated and now work! Thank you, this is awesome! <3

Hi Dennis,
Can you also add my account ID into whitelist too. I have the exact same problem. my 3 Yeelight, and 2 Light strips has issue of missing Favorite.

I can see the Favorites color in Yeelight Apps, but not in Mijia Apps.

English language. Mainland China server.
Account ID 1597295805


I’ve checked on this issue. we’ve published new version(Android: 51_19/IOS: 140_20). According EU GDPR,we’ve adjusted Mijia API service. Favorites on YeelightApp cannot be shared with MiJia App.

Hi Dennis,
Based on the conversation above, you could add the ID to a “whitelist” for AlexCrane so he was able to see the favorite again. Can you do the same for me?

Otherwise, I cannot set/see/use the favourites in the MiJia / Mi Home App. Previously I can do this without a problem. I need to redo some of automation with color of my Yeelight with Mi Jia apps.

Can you help?

yep,Done! Now you can try again.:blush: