MI LED Desk Lamps “Offline” in Google Home

Bought an installed x2 MI LED desk lamps, registered on the iOS Yeelight App and was able to add them to my google home and have been able to control them along with other smart lights in my house for thr past week perfectly and without problems.

I returned home with both MI LED lamps showing as “offline” in the google home app, but still connected and controllable through the Yeelight app and havent been able to control them through google home/assistant since.

I’ve tried reconnecting, resyncing, resetting, and also logged in with my Mi ID instead of my email.

Yeelight app can still fully control my desk lamps, and im able to see the lamps on google home but cannot control them via google home or voice.

MI ID: 1911435827
USA Server (recommended)

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Having the same issue! :frowning:

Same issue for me, but I have GH in android

Same problem here. I restart it discconnect it whatever, works for few hours and then goes offline (Yeelight app, German server).

I did a bit more digging and found that if I disconnected/unlinked the yeelight app, and download the Mi Home app and signed In with the same credentials, I got it up and working again with my Google Home. USA server. Seems to still be working after a day so I’m crossing my fingers.

Unlinked Yeelight App from Google home
USA Server (in US)
Mi Home (iOS App)
Google Home (iOS)

It is nice that I didn’t have to reset my lamps, and the Mi Home seems to save all the favorities. The interface is less tidy though.

Hope this helps some of you!