Difference between Mi LED Ceiling Light MJXDD01YL and Moon LED Smart Ceiling Light 450?


I am looking at buying one of these 450mm diameter lights. But I can’t really work out what the differences are between the two (apart from the starry version that the Moon LED Smart Ceiling Light 450 offers).

From what I can see from the website images, I gather that the main difference is the shape of the dome. I.e. for the MJXDD01YL only the bottom of the dome is translucent, and for the 450 Moon both the bottom and sides of the dome is translucent. Can anyone confirm this?

Product links below:

Yes, you are right, they are different ID design.

MJXDD01YL is brand of Mijia while 450 Moon is Yeelight, and both of them are made by Yeelight.

BTW, there’s remote inside with 450 Moon, but MJXDD01YL don’t have.

Is the MJXDD01YL compatible with Yeelight app and MiHome app?

Sure, it is compatible with both Yeelight and Mihome app.

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Can the remote be added later to the MJXDD01YL model?

Yes, it supports.

Can i connect Yeelight Bluetooth Wireless Switch (YLKG08YL) to MJXDD01YL lamp?
Thank you.

The answer is yes.

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