white tunable 2 - mi home - google home issue

I bought Yeelight LED white 2nd on gearbest. I setup my two bulbs, one rgb and this one with mihome on china mainland server since my other sensors and gateway are not supported in any other server.
When I connect mi home to google home. Only the rgb led 2nd shows up in google home. This white tunable 2nd gen wont show up there.

my id is 1895156449, can you fix??

if I use yeelight app the two bulbs shows up coorectly, but connecting both mihome and yeelight app I will end with 3 bulbs, 2 color (is the same bulb two times) and one white…

thanks for any help


:joy:If you used Yeelight action on GoogleHome app, that’s not a problem.

I don’t think this is a great a answer from you… First of all you and Mi home people are strictly connected, you use the same account and same server in your app, so a better cooperation is not only auspicabile but also needed… Second, if I need to use mihome due to other sensors, it will be nice that mihome and Yeelight app will coexist without issues or device duplication… This happens if I use mihome and your app in Google home, 3 bulbs instead of two…

Hope in a real answer and not only laugh and smileys…