unable to link yeelight v2 rgb to Google Home


I have setup Yeelight v2 bulb with Yeelight app.
When i try to link Yeelight account in Google Home, “Account link successful” came out but nothing happened.

I have tried using Chrome, or other browser during login, all failed.

I would try to unlink, but since Google Home cannot properly link the account, the option is not available.

Please provider your xiaomi account.

@yusure please help with the issue.


Please try this solution:

  1. clear default browser cache.
  2. clear GoogleHome App cache.
  3. Login GoogleHome App and re-link Xiaomi account.


Hi @yusure
I’ve tried above method, still have issue.

ID: 1913210371

OK then, do you have another mobile ?

I don’t have extra phone.

Is it required to use another phone?
I’ve tried to delete Google Home data and uninstall it, but still issue persist.

Is this issue related to changing the server country?
I’ve changed it from Singapore -> Mainland China -> Singapore due to issue during initial pairing.

Could you send me your Google account + password and Xiaomi account + password ? (private message)
I can link it for you.

i have sent you the details.

OK, finished, please try it now.

The account was linked and all seemed working well.
Thank you.

If you need add another bulb or scene, please use voice command “Okay Google, sync devices”, do without unlink account.

I have the same problem, I have V1 and V2 bulbs, the V1 are working alright.
The V2 when I ask google home to “dim all lights to 1%” the V2 bulbs don’t change, they stay the same.

I have the same problem