start scene on switch turn on

Hi, just installed my Yeelight yesterday! I’d like to set my lights to my Home scene (white & 80% brightness) when we turn them on at the wall switch. Currently the problem is that they turn on with whatever state we last had. How can I either use the iPhone or iPad app to set this up or write a script for this functionality? Also, I tried to enable Developer Mode, but I couldn’t find the option to enable “Lan Control” nor could I even find the advanced feature list. I’m an iOS developer, so I’m surprised that it’s so hard to find what I’m looking for in the app… If anyone could assist me, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Hi, the Yeelight app allows you to set a default light so that you’ll have it whenever you turn your bulb on with a physical wall switch. For that set your light at your convenience then tap on the icon located on the bottom right (look like an eject icon on a CD player). You’ll find a sub-menu Default state/Set default light /Save.
You’ll find as well in that sub-menu the option which can activate the LAN control.

Thanks so much! I kept looking for options for grouped lights and didn’t think of looking at individual lights! :slight_smile: