Yeelight E27 Color does not reset

I just received this Yeelight, connected it using the Yeelight app and it seemed to work fine. I tried different colours and scenes and everything seemed to work as expected.
Then, after turning it off from the switch and turning it on again it wouldn’t get as bright as did initially, it was very dim but the colours and scenes still worked.
I tried to reset it to get it back to factory settings but when I reset it (5 times on/off) it cycles through colours quickly as expected but then it does not stay white, it stays completely dark. When I try to connect to it I can see its wifi and I can connect to it but then the Yeelight app will just time out when setting up. I tried with Mi Home as well, it doesn’t even find the device even if I set it up manually.

Please help, this is a brand new product and it should work. I bought it from Gearbest.