Mi Bedside Lamp II questions

Hi, devs! Just installed the new Mi Bedside Lamp II lamp, it’s awesome!

There are some questions though, please see below:

  • What is the official name of the new lamp? :smile: The app has it as Mi Bedside Lamp II, but there are so many other names out there which is confusing. Could you please give us your official name of the lamp?
  • Is it possible to revert back to the color presets (as it is for the original Bedside Lamp) instead of brightness presets in the app? The lamp has fantastic RGB features so the color management is a big part of usage. We can always set brightness using the slider in the app which is always visible, while color presets are unavailable and we should use the Color tab which is not always convenient. Please see the screenshots below:

Please share your thoughts about this suggestion.

Thanks for your feedback.
1、The lamp is made by Yeelight with Mijia brand, official name is “Mi Bedside Lamp II”;
2、I see what you meant, and we also though lots of plans. If you want to change color, you can choose color tab, and if you want to set color more precise, please use color preset.

Could you please clarify how I can use color presets? I can see them in the original Bedside Lamp interface (as shown on the screenshot above), but they are not available for the Mi Bedside Lamp II. Or did you mean I should preliminarily save color presets to Favorites to use them later?

Select color tab first, and then open color preset you will see.

Still can’t see where the color presets are. When I open options on the Color tab there are still brightness presets. Could you please clarify?

This is a bug, will fix in next release. Thanks for you feedback.

Does it include beta versions as well? Because today a new beta version is out, but the bug is still here.

This fix is still in beta version, 3.1.84 doesn’t include this fix.

v3.1.85 - fix is here. Thanks.

Good to know, you can rate for Yeelight if you like it :wink:

I’m on the beta channel, so Google Play Store doesn’t allow me to rate the app, unfortunately. Only submitting feedback is available. But I’m permanently impressed what you guys are doing as hardware/software company!

Hi, is this lamp going to support contol via aqara cube fully? Now i cant adjust brightnes of the lamp via cube rotate.