Static electricity or poor electrical grounding on Mijia Lamp?

There is something that has been bothering me for a while with this lamp, also, sorry for my complete lack of knowledge on electricity in general, but hopefully I’ll make myself clear.

Basically, the aluminum base of the lamp is entirely electrified while the lamp is powered up, I can feel some kind of electrical activity by simply touching the base with my fingers, which disappears when I unplug the lamp from the wall.

Anyway, I had the same exact issue with an unibody MacBook Pro from a few years ago, and the issue is related to grounding. Here in italy we use electrical plugs with 3 points, one of which is ground, but sometimes that one is unused. The MacBook came with two plugs, a typical italian plug in the 2 prongs version (instead of the grounded 3 prongs version), and the german\euro “Schuko” plug which is grounded. Anyway, the weird electrical feeling went away when I just binned the 2-prong italian wire and used the Shuko plug with a 3 pronged adapter.

The Mijia lamp’s power supply uses the typical chinese plug with the two prongs or whatever they’re called, with no grounding. Using an adapter I can plug this in to the italian style plug with the 3 circular holes, but of course there will be no grounding, so the base of the lamp is electrified. I think this also sometimes interferes with the touch sensitive top part of the lamp, I’ve had it freak out and change the brightness on its own, weirdly enough, on my old Mac, I also sometimes had issues with the touchpad acting weird, these issues disappeared when I used the grounded plug.

What do you think? Anyone else feeling electricity from the base of the lamp? Is there a preferred adapter to use this lamp in Europe and have some kind of grounding so the lamp doesn’t get electrified?

Which model do you have?

  • Yeelight Lamp Gen 1
  • Mijia Lamp Gen 1
  • Mijia Lamp Gen 3

Also, I believe Xiaomi sells the Mijia Lamp Gen 1 in their Mi Home stores in Italy with the local plug types.