Yeelight RGBW delay timeout

I bought a Yeelight RGBW, set it up on my wifi, everything worked
I’ve set up a third party control (LAN),it works.

My issue is, when my wifi internet connection goes down (every day for 2 hours), I can’t LAN control the bulb anymore, I feel like I get a timeout or something.
I mean, it works like for 5 min after the internet cut, but after those 5 min I always have a timeout

I’m I the only one ? Or is there a solution ?

Any help appreciated Thanks

The LAN control feature uses your router’s internet connection in order to communicate with third party apps/devices. After your internet comes back, it takes a few minutes for the yeelight bulb to reload and connect back to the Wifi network.

Maybe I misunderstood, but, isn’t LAN supposed to work without internet access?
So it’s not controllable on a wifi without internet access?