Bedside Lamp 2 wi-fi conneciton problem

I’ve bought new Yeelight Bedside Lamp 2. I’ve downloaded the latest version of the Yeelight app from Play Market.
Try to connect the lamp to my phone (Galaxy s7), or tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1 2014Ed) through the app.
Situation is the same: the MAC address of the lamp is detected. But then the attempt to connect fails after waiting for a long time. The massage follows: couln’t connect to device hotspot… Something about network…
I did it several times, connected to different servers: Germany, Russia.
I asked my admin to include the MAC-address to the list of allowed addresses.
My wi-fi at home works properly, internet is ok, local windows network is ok.
Is it a problem with the firmware, or my local network?

Could you have a try with changing your router’s DNS server to instead of using automatically allocation?

Also, try to disable 5 GHz WiFi interface and use just 2.4 GHz. For me it doesn’t connect when both are active (in the Band Steering mode).

Sorry for no answer for a long time. My sysadmin was busy. Finally he has handled the problem. It was in the DNS server.
Actually, our local network has the DNS adress
But this adress is positioned only on the third place.
My phone + Yeelight APP checks only the first two positions of the DNS adresses. Thus, the adress automatically fell out.
My admin has put the DNS to the second position in the list. Now everything work properly!
P.S. I didn’t check “disable 5 GHz WiFi interface” since the problem has been found.