Does not log in at all

Hello, I have been using Yeelight for a few years at it was alaways working, decided to do a factory restore of my Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X after New Years and I can no longer log into the Yeelight app.
Using MIUI 10 Global 8.12.20 Beta
I get the “Select Server” windows and no matter what I choose - nothing happens. Yes I have checked the box “I have read…”

Hi, sorry about the issue, I just confirm it with xiaomi account team that this is a known issue with some type of xiaomi device, especially MIUI beta version.

This can be fixed by upgrading your system to stable version or waiting for next release of Yeelight application (We are waiting for xiaomi account team release a new version, it will take about 10 days).


Even with the latest update on January the problem is not fixed yet

New Version released 3.1.88 but not is changed

Which phone and phone system version do you use?

Redmi Note 4x with MIUI 10 Global 8.12.20 Beta

Please check if there’s update available of your MIUI, the issue could be fixed by update MIUI.

Just sharing - I installed “LineageOS” since Redmi Note 4X is no longer “updated” and that helped with the Yeelight app, before I tried using an older version of the Yeelight app I found online, but decided against it, since I was not sure how secure and safe that was.

New Yeelight Version…Always same problem…

New app doesn’t have the fix of the issue, as I confirmed with xiaomi account team, you need update MIUI system version, the issue will be fixed.

There is no update for my Redmi Note 4X
I received another Update for Yeelight app 3.1.90 but always the same problem. I can’t log in and with this problem i can’t add new YEELIGHT product…

New Yeelight App 3.1.91 always same problem…
I think that Yeelight won’t solve this problem…

News version 3.1.97 always same story…
No one cares about this problem