Yeelight 650 Ambilight not turning on!!! Help!!!



I have installed the Yeelight 650 and in the beginnig the Ambiliight worked, but now it doesn’t work anymore. In the app you can turn it on but it does not light up. Only the normal lamp is working normally. Tryed to reset and nothing helps. Can you assist me?


Good day.

Toncho is the same problem. Week everything worked as expected.

Today the background light does not work. From the application Yeelight, Mihome and remote. I rebooted the device twice. Nothing helps.


Goodmorning Pipec1,

I just got a message from the Yeelight support and they say it is a hardware problem and we should ask for a replacement from our reseller.


@Pipec1 @OriginalLuciano

Which country do you live and power voltage do you use?


I live in the Netherlands and the power voltage here is 230v