Troubles with Yeelight and MiApp/YeelightApp


I tried several times to add my Yeelight bulb into my MiApp and YeelightApp; both worked but there is the follow errors.

  1. Either my Yeelight bulb is well linked in my MiApp but in this case I can not link it in YeelightApp.
  2. Or my Yeelight bulb is well linked in my YeelightApp and this case I can ask Alexa to manage my bulb also, but I can not link it onto my MiApp.

Can you please advised why? Is there any interference problems between the 2 apps? Normally should not.

Thank you for your feedback

Yeelight app and Mihome app share the same cloud server, so please make sure you select the same server in both apps.

If you want to use Alexa, you can use Yeelight app, select a server except Mainland China server and enable Yeelight skill in Alexa app.

Hello dingyichen

Thank yo for your feedback - I will then change the server in Yeelight and MiApp to SG, and will try to fix this in order to use Alexa also.

Why was the post deleted? If I remember well, you said in the deleted post that Mi Home is Xiaomi and you can do nothing to influence Yeelight products to be added to it. Is it still true or something has changed?

I post it in wrong thread, it’s in another thread, so I delete it.

Yes, Mihome in not in Yeelight’s control.