Complex automation rules for xiaomi smart devices

Hello everybody,

I just recently bought a bunch of xiaomi smart devices and started automating my home. However, I ran into a few issues and I’m wondering if I’m missing something or if what I need really can’t be done. So:

  1. Is it possible to manually OVERRIDE a sensor automation? Example: a motion sensor turns on a light when detecting movement and turns it off when no movement for 2 minutes. Is it possible to hit a switch that basically says “turn light on and keep it on until I turn it off”? The scenario for this is watching a movie or staying in the hot tub in the bathroom. I might not be moving for 2 minutes and want to prevent the light from turning off.
  2. Is it possible to detect when somebody’s home or any other status like that and then use it as input for some other automation? I can detect when the door opens and closes but then what? Ideally I would want to say “if the door closes and the hallway sensor sees no movement for two minutes, then remember nobody’s home”. Then, in a separate action I would like to say “if detecting x AND if nobody’s home, then do something”.
  3. Is it possible to mix input of two sensors? “When detecting motion AND if the window is closed, then do something”.

Thanks a lot!