Yeeight Candela battery problem while Bluettoth enabled

I bought two candelas both working fine, but I realized that if I leave them Bluetooth enabled then batteries drain very fast, they fully deplete in 1-2 days even they are fully charged. They drain to zero without turning them ON in 2 days. Turning off Bluetooth solves the draining. Is it normal ? Has anyone experienced the same ? Is it a bug? It has the latest firmware,

Yepp. Normal. They abandoned this product long time ago. No updates for stupid unrealistic flicker, no way to control without Bluetooth as promised. Base should at least have wireless charging. Plugging in microusb is a pain :frowning:

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So I shouldn expect any more patch, update ?

There is new set of lights coming out with ‘Mesh’ technology. If it is based on Bluetooth anything like Candela lights there may be a hope. But its guessing at this point. Not very fluent in Cantonese and there is no information available in English yet. But the drain issue will not likely go away.