Review new mijia bedside lamp 2 (december 2018)

New Mijia Bedside Lamp 2:

First of all congratulations for making a great lamp, much better than the old one.

The color uniformity is excellent and also brighter. An important thing is that this lamp has pure colours, specially red, unlike the yeelight bulb v2. It also has Homekit support for iOS devices, so it can integrate with other Homekit devices and Siri.
In the other hand, the new control bar is much easier than the old circle system. Totally recommended.

Power consumption:

1,4 Watts vs 1 Watt of the old gen

Home mode with brightness bar at 100%:
9,3 Watts vs 8,9 of the old gen

It seems that the extra 0,4 watts is due to a powerful chip.

And now the little bugs or things you have to polish:

-BLE gateway not working on mi home app.

-There are two options in the mi home app that are not present in the yeelight app: Touch panel light auto off and favorite light settings. Please can you add them to the yeelight app?

@dingyichen please take note of the bugs

Another bug, in spanish the old and the new lamp has the same name:

nice review!
BLE gateway function is not implemented on this device due to the limited resource.

What do you mean with “limited resources”? budget?

Any plans to implement it?

And please don´t forget to add the options missing in the yeelight app. Thanks

The limited resource on the chip (RAM and ROM), no plan to implement it.
Option will be added in next release.

Bad news, now I can´t link temperature and humidity sensor…

Keep your original device online:grinning:

I sold the old lamp…but it doesn´t matter, i have bought the mijia air quality detector that has BLE gateway.

I have a switch in every lamp because i don´t want to waste energy with standby consumptions.

@weiwei I have one more question. All websites indicates that the lamp has bluetooth 4.2 BLE, but it seems that only wifi control is working.

Can you confirm that the lamp has bluetooth 4.2 and what are the functions you can do with it? thanks

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I have the same issue:
Bedside lamp II is not in Mi home app BLE gatway list, so I cannot connect the humidity sensors to the bedside lamp. Is there any plan to solve this?
If not, what functions can be used with Bluetooth?

same issue here , on the website and also on the box of the lamp it indicates that the lamp supports BLE (BT 4.2) , for some reason i dont have the BLE option working on the mi-home app on my android devices .