Yeelight RGB Bulb V2 (YLDP06YL) in other MiHome servers than Mainland China

Hi, I have recently purchased the new Yeelight RGB Bulb V2 (YLDP06YL) and they work fine and are very (very very) similar to the previous version (which I have too). The main difference I see is a bad one. Although I am able to use them with the Yeelight App in any server, they are not available in the MiHome app in any other server than Mainland China. It is a pity, since I am able to use the previous version in Singapore, but not this one. Are there any plans for having them any time soon in any other servers? Thanks!

I have inverse problem: my bulbs work with most servers (for example, EU), but do not work with Mainland China server! My issue is here

@heisba @Limarlav

This is a strategy of Mihome. If the product is sold in the area of the server, Mihome will support it with the server. Otherwise, it don’t.

I purchased my V2 bulbs off GearBest and use them on the USA server with no issues. Hmm…