Yeelight app keeps logging off

Last update of yeelight app broke the login.Now the app keeps logging me out. I need to login everytime I need to open the app. Because of this all my LED bulbs in my entire house is also facing issue on google home and alexa.

Error Message “Login failed please try again”

My xiaomi id is [] and the server that I use is Singapore.

Can you please fix this issue asap?



Guys any update? I am still facing this issue and so are other people
It is quite frustrating as I have yo login each time I open Yeelight app

Facing the same issue. New update didn’t fix anything. Devs kindly co-operate

@salilmickey123 @Umamirice

Sorry about the issue, we are working on the fix. Currently we don’t find root cause of the issue, could you help us provider more information:
1、Do you have Mihome application, please have a try with Mihome to see if it has the problem?
2、Which one have the issue first, app or alexa/google home?

Much appreciated, thanks.

1、Do you have Mihome application, please have a try with Mihome to see if it has the problem?

–I have Mi home app but my yeelights are not configured on Mi home app

2、Which one have the issue fir, app or alexa/google home?
–I believe its app as after successfully logging onto Yeelight app and linking Xiaomi account to yeelight app…wait for 5 mins or so and if you open yeelight app again it will forget all the credentials and you start from the beginning i.e select the yeelight server which in my case is Singapore and then I sign into Xiaomi account and then i can see all my yeelights…u wait for 5 mins again and the whole process gets started again

Also if it helps I am running Android Version 8.1.0 and using Galaxy Note 9 phone

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  1. As @salilmickey123 says, I too am unable to configure the lights using MiHome. I currently use a Yeelight Smart LED Bulb II (Colour). I have attached it’s picture to this post. This particular model is not listed on the Mi Home app. I tried to scan for the bulb after resetting it multiple times by choosing the previous generation model, but nothing was discovered. Please request the Devs to add support for this model on the Mi Home app.

  2. It’s the same issue that @salilmickey123 is facing. The app times out the login and ever five minutes I have to enter my details to change settings. I’ve tried reinstalling/updating/rolling back to previous build/clearing cache, nothing fixes the problems. I have also made sure that my power saving settings is turned off and that background usage and permissions are correctly configured. The app somehow kicks the user out of the server, requiring constant logins.

Because the bulb cannot communicate with the server, Alexa/Google home say that the bulb is ‘unresponsive’ or ‘there was a problem’.

I am currently using Android 9.0 on a OnePlus 5T. I have used previous builds of the Yeelight app on 9.0 without any problems but now it appears to have stopped working.

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To immediately fix this issue can you not roll back the code changes that you guys did on the app on 26th December?

We have been experiencing this issue since then

Please treat this as a P1 as its impacting quite a lot users worldwide.There are lots of other users who have complaint about this issue in Google app store aswell

@salilmickey123 @Umamirice

Thanks for feedback, below is qrcode of a Yeelight debug application, which will upload log when it logout. Could you help to debug the issue with updating app(Download and reinstall, latest version is 3.1.84). Many thanks.



@dingyichen - Debug app has been installed and linked. Let us know what the problem is after you get the log.

@salilmickey123 - Just out of curiosity, how do you log into the Mi accounts on the Yeelight app and the Alexa skill? Do you perchance use your mobile phone number?

As you said, the app will logout every 5 mins, please let me know if app logout, I will check log to see what’s going on there.

And which country do you live? what’s your xiaomi account?

Yes, i use my phone number to login.


I’m currently living in India. Xiaomi A/C number is 1591055476
I’m connecting to the Singapore server as recommended by the app.
The Yeelight products I’m using were all purchased in Hong Kong however.


@dingyichen @salilmickey123

The debug app appears to be working correctly so far. I’ve been testing out the functions for the last 30 minutes and there hasn’t been any force logouts yet. I’ll continue to test and I’ll drop a post here if the problems surface again. What build is the debug app based on?

I have now installed the debug app aswell
I use my email id to login to Mi account which is
I am located in New Zealand

So you don’t encounter logout issue with debug version? That’s weird, I don’t think it has nothing to do with debug version.

If you guys don’t have the issue with debug version, could you uninstall debug version and download again with the link and update to 3.1.84. :joy:

Alexa and google home integration is still broken for me with this debug app

Can you control your teelights from aleca or google home with this debug app?

Alexa and Google home has nothing to do with Yeelight application. You can have try relink yeelight skill in Alexa app.

Much appreciated if you try again.

@dingyichen when I try to open the app, it shows the Yeelight graphic and then shows “Login Failed, Please try again” after which, I have to log in again.

This continuously happens after a brief period of inactivity. Somehow the server is timing out the login when you don’t use for a few minutes.

the login issue happened again
Can you check your server logs now to see whats going on

It’s logout when you open yeelight again or login when you in yeelight app.
-It asks you to login again…i believe after 30 mins itoses its integration with Mi account and it times out hence it asks you to login again to yeelight

Did you see any odd behaviour on the server logs?