Yeelight plus


Hello, American user here. I recently bought one of the new Yeelight LED strip plus with the extendable option. I am currently using it as lighting in my bedroom but I like it so much that I want to install one as underlighting for the kitchen cabinets. The key there is ONE. My kitchen cabinets aren’t contiguous. There are breaks over the stove and the sink.The run I need to cover is less than six meters in total with about four meters of actual lighting. I don’t want to run an LED strip in an enclosed space behind the stove vent or behind a cabinet so I need standard insulated wire. I was wondering/hoping that there would be some sort of conective wire that I could plug between two or three LED strips. I could cludge something together with soldering but I would much rather have a plug and play option. Does any such thing exist or can someone buy just the plugs or am I out of luck?


Sorry, officially we don’t have any solution …