Problems with Yeelight Strip Plus (connection / offline)

I have had no end of problems with this, beginning to wish I’d never bought it!

First problems were getting it added in Yeelight app. Tried dozens of times with every method listed on these forums. My bulbs are connected to Singapore and work fine with Google Home. The strip just refused to connect using VPN, hotspot and whatever else I tried. Finally after many days got the strip to connect to the China server (the only one that worked) while signed into Yeelight on a different device. So now I have 2 bulbs on Singapore and a strip on China server which thankfully I can access as I have two phones to use. It would be better though if all were under the same server but the strip light cannot connect to Singapore. Luckily they do all show up in Google Home.

Up until today the strip has been working for a few days via GH but today it shows offline in the phone with Yeelight app on China server. I have powered it down and on again. Still offline. I don’t want to reset it again as it was such a pain to get it connected in the first place.

I was quite impressed with Yeelight but I have to revise my opinion with the performance of the strip light which has been truly awful. Hopefully it’s a China server problem and it will come back online. If I can’t get it working soon I think I’ll scrap the lot and go with Phillips Hue. At least they will work and I won’t need to have lights connected across two servers because of buggy connection issues.

Finally got this working again by pulling the power and leaving it unplugged for 30 minutes or so. Back online now but still, Strip connected to China and Bulbs to Singapore requiring me to use two separate devices signed in to each of the servers if I want to control them using the Yeelight app.

Pretty much a waste of time posting here if you expect any response from Yeelight it seems. I guess you get what you pay for with Yeelights. Cheap enough, just hope you don’t get a problem.