How to set light bulbs to flash randomly to scare away burglars?

I have yelling light bulb V2 color
I would like to set the lights to go on and off randomly when I’m not at home to avoid burglary.
i.e. at random times the lights will go on for few minutes preferably in different colors so if a thief is watching my house he would think that someone is home

I done something similar, but with the white bulbs. With the timer function I set up two bulbs to go on and off a few times on a interval of time. It was very time consuming, but worked.

I think this is a very easy option for the staff add to the bulbs, randomly on and off, to simulate people home. On the RGBW, a TV effect, with a bunch of colors changing rapidly.

You can go to the Customization section (tap the three horizontal lines)

of the Yeelight app and then create frames with the duration and color of your choice. After that create a scene with the setting you’ve just created. I don’t know how to activate it randomly but you can use the IFTTT app to activate that scene at a defined time

That is cool, thanks for the tip.

But how hard is for Yeelight to create a scene with that function? I suppose it’s pretty easy, and useful for all on the recommend scenes.

And more… I don’t think the other brands have that function.

You’re welcome! I think they can do it easily. They already have a scene called “flash notify” in the app. From my point of view Yeelight offers the best option in term of customization. I only use two brands of smart light bulb. By the way, TP-link smart plug have an “away mode” on their app.