Yeelight Ceiling Light + Aqara Homekit Hub = Homekit Control?

If I get the Yeelight Ceiling Light and the new Aqara Homekit compatible hub, can I control the Yeelight via Homekit? Or is there another combination of hardware that will allow homekit control to work at the moment?

Sorry if this is a stupid question, I’m just getting into this stuff :slight_smile:

I tried but no success with HomeKit so far. I got on Aqara gateway 3, and Yeelight ceiling light, Yeelight E27 tunable white light bulb, Yeelight light strip. In fact, all my Yeelight doesn’t work with Aqara gateway 3.
However, my aqara gateway 3 works with Phillips Hue light bulb using HomeKit automation !!! OMG!

Thanks for the reply! That’s cool that you got Hue working at least :slight_smile:

Is your Aqara Gateway the new Homekit version like this?

There is only one Aqara gateway :slight_smile:

Yes, my aqara gateway is version 3, as shown in your link.

I think, that available is control Yeelight light with Mi Home app with Aqara.

Have Yeelight and Aqara hub, but in Homekit have lights only via HomeBridge, not directly via Aqara.

Cool thanks - which plugin do you use for Homebridge?

Is this a link between siri and yeelight that can be solved?

Hello everyone!
On the aqara official website, the european version of the Aqara hub shows the migia logo. Does this mean that yeelight now works with the Aqara hub?

This photo looks encouraging:

Thank you.