Yeelight Bulbs + Aqara Light Switches.

Hi Guys,

I’m trying to tech out my parent’s house. I already have a couple of Yeelight RGB Bulbs installed but my folks didn’t like to use voice commands to turn on their lights. Looking for a light switch (and some motion sensors) I found the Aqara line of products.

Can anyone confirm if Aqara and Yeelight work together using the Mi Home app? And if it does, can I use a double rocker light switch and configure different lights for each side (like ceiling lights on the left and bedside lamps on the right)?


Have ordered Aqara Switch and Gateway (and more sensors), because it works. But you must be on “China Mainland server”. Then you can control with Yeelight and also Mi Home together.

Yes, you can. That is exactly how I have it. Left rocker is left lamp, right rocker is right lamp and both rockers at the same time is cieling light. Be aware that in order to use any switches or sensors you also need Xiaomi gateway! And do not buy Aqara gateway!!! Aqara gateway doesn’t work with Yeelights (yet) (go figure, they have aline of products, all sensors and switches and stuff, bt NO LIGHTS!) :slight_smile:

dalanik: But you can control it via Mi Home app without limitation. Where is problem? :wink: