Empty favorites tab in recommend scene page

With Mi Home app, when I’m trying to add “Turn on and set light” in automations my favorites tab is empty. Problem exists only with old Yeelight bulbs (works well with V2 bulb). This used to work previously with old Yeelight RGB bulbs too. I have uninstalled app and cleared cache but it doesn’t work. I have also tried to reset few bulbs but it doesn’t help. Same problem exists with iOS and Android.

Have you noticed that with new V2 bulb tab is called “Favorite” and with old RGP bulb tab is called “Favorites”?

Mi Home V.4.10.2
iPhone XS iOS 12.1.2
Mainland china 1746466793

Old rgb Yeelight favorites tab is empty

New V2 Yeelight. Favorites tab works.

Find any solution ?
Same problem here

We will take a look at the issue.

I just confirmed that Favorites in Mihome is stored per device, so if you need create favorites from v1 bulb then you will see it.