Siri short cuts Mi home app doesn t work. Help !!

Hey there,

Can somebody help me? It is possible at the moment to do Siri Shortcuts. But if i am want to us it i will get the message:“Sorry, there was a problem with the app.”. This is when i try to use my iphone 6. but with my ipad there is nog problem with it.

Has somebody else the same problem?


Hi Zoehir,
If you have install some special beta version, please remove all the shortcuts from system settings, and create again.
For shortcut of single device, if the device is offline or network is unreachable, Siri will show the tip.
So re-create the shortcuts through latest app and make sure the network is stable.

Hi zhangxin,

I have tried that and didn’t work. The weird thing is that with my iPad it works but not with my iPhone. I get still the message “Sorry, there was a problem with the app.”. Have you got other suggestions?

What’s the iOS version? did it work before system upgrading?

Yes it worked before. The ios version is 12.1.2.

It only happens on iPhone6 with 12.1.2, maybe it’s a bug of iOS.
Other apps with Siri shortcuts feature have same problem…

Dear zhangxin,

Can you tell me where I can find that info? My iPhone 6 still not working with Siri


Dear zhangxin,
My iphone 6 plus have the same problem, when say something to siri turn on or turn off, she sad they have a problem whith the program, 12.1.2 ver of ios, china server, how i may fix this?

This problem is only on iOS 12.1.2 of iPhone 6, and the shortcuts generated by other app(such as MiHome) don’t work also, right?
I think it’s bug of iOS. In addition to waiting for iOS updates, I don’t have a solution right now.