Apple Homkit Support

Will there be a beta test for the upcoming update that will allow us to have apple homekit support?

Most likely.

Ok, thanks.

By chance, can you tell us when we are getting HomeKit support natively via the firmware update?

Stay tuned, we are working on Homekit soft-auth firmware implementation. Due to the complexity of soft-auth and Apple’s strict policy, the release date would be later than we expected.

Can you specifi when?

Early Q2 2019.

Would the upcoming Bluetooth Mesh Light support the homekit at the same time?

Maybe later since BLE mesh now is not officially allowed by Apple’s policy yet.

Early Q2? And which year please?

homekit update was already pushed for color3, strip2 and ct2, you should get it next week.

Do you have any information for color2?

not yet pushed, but it is planned soon afaik.