Connecting smart scale to mijia bedside lamp

Hello. I have the mijia bedside lamp with wifi and Bluetooth. Is there anyway I can connect my body fat composition to the Bluetooth gateway so I don’t need to have the app open when I weigh in?

When I open the gateway setting in mi home it doesn’t show any devices available.

Hi this is not possible since the smart scale is manufactured by another Xiaomi Ecosystem company.

That means that device doesn’t follow the mijia bluetooth specification, you may check with their support team.

Well, there isn’t a certain scale recommended. I think you should find the best one that fits all of your requirements. I tried many scales before finding the one that I truly like and that fits my needs. Actually, I was pretty surprised to find so damn many great scales, and some of them are incredibly expensive. I mean, I saw a damn weigh scale that costs 200 dollars! At last, I found a pretty good bathroom scale for a reasonable price a couple of years ago, and I still use it, and I still like it.

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