Commands in PT-BR

I managed to integrate the lamp to my Google Assistant, when it ends up from the examples of commands (in Portuguese inclusive) but when saying the commands the assistant does not recognize, only in English.
Is it not possible or am I doing something wrong?

If it is not possible, is there any project under development for pt-br command support?

Thanks in advance

From our side, pt-br already supported. You could consult with google assistant support.

Still not accepting commands in portuguese.
If you search for “Yeelight” on the Assistant’s page for Brazil, theres no result…

But in the US page, we can find Yeelight

I think Google did not integrate Yeelight actions in portuguese yet. My voice commands works in English tho.


Thanks for your feedback.

I will double check with Google.


Yes, you’re right. Home control doesn’t support PT-BR so far, please check blow: