The SmartHome with Yeelight light system questions.

Everybody are talking about the smart home. The first thing you think about must be the light system at your house. There are three plans for the smart light system.

  1. The smart wire switch with normal lightbulb.

You can’t change the light color, brightness and temperature. Also you have to dig a hole for the wire switch on the wall.

  1. The normal wire switch with Yeelight light system.

You can change the brightness and temperature. which is great. But you have to dig a hole for the wire switch and you can’t turn it off. The automation will not work if you cut of the power. So you have to buy a wireless switch and put it side by side. sometime or someone maybe press the wrong button.

  1. The wireless switch with Yeelight light system.

You can use the wireless switch to turn on and off the light. Which is nice if you have some older family members in your house. The wireless switch works like a normal switch. And you could also adjust the brightness and temperature of your lights. Everything work great right? Until you want to reset your lights.

How the hack that you can reset the yeelight without a wire switch? I mean of course you could turn off your main power switch in your house for 5 times to reset the whole house. How hard it could be to put a hard reset button or a remote reset hot key on every Yeelight?

And I want to know what will you choose?

I was thinking exactly the same about a year ago… but since then I had no REASON to reset any of my Yeelights. I think people very often (from what I read here) reset their lights for no reason at al, while the problem could be solved something else. In my tests and usage i found out that most problems that happened to me was after power outage, 1 or more lights would not connect. I often did reset etc. But then I found out that what really was the problem was the ROUTER, not the Yeelights. No need to reset. Since I have DEDICATED router only for Yeelights (and gateways and air purifier), i had ZERO problems. Just my experience.

Right. You don’t have to reset all the Yeelight if you have a powerful router at home. Because the MiHome SDK bug. Aqara HomeKit Hub can’t join a WiFi with special characters SSID. However my SSID is Eric’s Wi-Fi. If I change my SSID. The lights go off. Otherwise I can’t use the Aqara Hub.

And what worked for me while I had 1 router was to turn off ALL Yeelights and ROUTER, then turn on Router, and wait a bit and then one by one turn on Yeelights.

The special characters bug is a bummer. How many lights do you have? It might be worth to just rename WiFi SSID and connect all Yeelights again to avoid problems…

Hi Guys, Yeelight is working on a solution and it has already had a big progress, please wait for our news. We will announce the solution early next year.

Nice. Finially Yeelight gonna fix this.