Offline bulb (server Singapour)

I cannot control my bulbs. They always go offline on app when they’re off, and i need to turn them on manually to see them on app. I can’t control them with Google Home neither.
I’m in Singapour server (i tried Europe before).
I already tried to reset all of them.
Can you help me please ?

Do you mean the bulb go offline when power it off? The device works with power supply.

You need link Yeelight to GH from Home application, and sync yeelight devices to control it. So what’s your problem?

Hi dingyichen,
Thanks for your answer.

Yes, the bulbs go offline on Yeelight when they’re turned off. So i can’t control them on the app or vocally.

I already linked Yeelight to GH, i see bulbs, but i can’t control them, i have this error “an error occured”. When i tell GH to turn on or turn off bulbs, it tells me “i can’t control your domotic devices”.

@yusure please take a look at the issue.


Please tell me your Xiaomi ID, i’ll check logs.

Here it is : 1749792921

got it, device offline, so can’t control bulbs by GoogleHome

Yes, it is my origin problem. I can’t control them by using Yeelight, because they’re always offline :wink:

I see, you want to enjoy control bulbs by GoogleHome, please keep the power on, because the bulbs need a network connection.

I don’t understand.
It’s a connected device, my network is always working, my power on and the bulbs are always plugged on. So why can’t i control them ? I need to turn on the light manually to see them on app, which is not normal, because i bought them to use them at distance.

Imagine i’m not at home for holidays, and i need to make believe to thieves i’m actually at home. Today, i can’t, because when i leave home, i turn my light off manually with the switch, and they become all disconnected.

Thanks again for understanding.

(NB : my first one worked at distance for one year, that’s why i bought some more, but now i’m disappointed)

You should not be turning the bulbs off manually, that cuts all power to the bulbs and they obviously then cannot be controlled because they have no power.

You need to turn them off via the app. No electricity = no wifi = no control. Do not turn the light off manually with the switch, turn it off via the app.