YLDD01YL RGB 2m strip not extendable ?

Hiya all,
I have the YLDD01YL RGB 2m strip.
Is this not extendable ?
Because when i see the 1m extension strip, it says "Only for the use of extending the YLDD04YL’
I wasn’t aware that there was 2 different 2m RGB strips, one which is extendable and one which isn’t (if i’m understand this right)
Could someone update me on this ?

Yes, they are different, the extendable one is Gen 2 version.

Appreciate the info.
Having measured the cabinet there going in, I wont need the extension…it will still be too short (I need a total length of 353 cm of strip
I shall have to buy another YLDD01YL and do it in 2 pieces and put them in one light group, on the app or Alexa
Least i wont have to get rid of the YLDD01YL then. Both will have to be trimmed a little to fit.

Extendable strip can extend up to 10m, you can buy two 1m extend package.

Hiya ‘Dingy’
But I have the YLDD01Y, which isn’t extendable.
Or did your answer apply to if i get a YLDD04YL 2nd gen strip ?

Yes, I missed that you have already one Gen 1.


What happens if I extend more then 10m? Can I extend to 14m for example?

Capability of adapter supports up to 10m, the brightness or color will have lower performance if you extend to more than 10m.

What will happen if I’ll connect an external power adapter which is capable to hold more then 10m? is it possible then?