New user, iOS, choose login, opens WyzeCam app

Bought 4 LED bulbs with color. Installed iOS app, chose ‘Login’, it asks to choose server (US), then accept the EULA. Clicking Login at that point tries to open the Wyze app for WyzeCams. I can not get past this part. Please advise, thanks.

Do you also use xiaomi account to login Wyze app?

No, it’s its own login. But that is beside the point as I’m not even getting to a log in screen before it jumps to another app. I can’t put in my log in info (don’t even have an account unless the forums count) yet.

Here is what is happening:

It can not reproduce locally for me, please uninstall Wyze and try to login.
Theoretically,Yeelight app will open the MiHome(if it installed) app for OAuth, and have nothing to do with Wyze.

Thank you, that worked. I was able to create an account and add one of the lightbulbs. Have a great day!