Yeelight bulb II connection timed out

Hello everyone,

I bought a Yeelight Bulb (color) recently but I can’t seem to connect to it. It keeps saying “Connection timed out”. I have tried connecting to it when being in the same room as the router but it didn’t work.

What I’ve tried:

  • Setting the DNS to Google’s primary DNS (
  • Resetting the bulb (multiple times)
  • Resetting the router

Nothing has worked so far. It also seems that I cannot connect (i only posted 1 ping command, i tested the others, didn’t work either) to any of the Yeelight servers.

I bought the bulb from here.

Country: Netherlands
My router: Experia Box V10
My ISP: Telfort


I hope you guys can help me.



Try setting these DNS on your router. Primary Secundary

or Primary Secundary

Google DNS ( don’t work well for me.