Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 Surrounding Ambient Lighting LED Ceiling Light disappeared

Hello all
My Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 Surrounding Ambient Lighting LED Ceiling Light suddenly disappeared and not communicating with my wifi network
The lamp disappeared from network and app, i tried to power cycle it and after few cycle without success, i had to try and reset it, now after i reset the lamp i cant even connect it and sync it with app and network, every time i get connection error, after few times of connection error the app asked me if i want to install it manually by connecting to the lamps wifi connection, when i choose "yes" i need to find the lamp wifi signal but no luck with that, cant see it nor find it (tried with few devices of IOS/Android)
Tried few times to hard reset it but nothing, i always get those error, and the lamp still turns on by itself
the remote control still works as normal, but only the remote.

Im very frustrated, even tried few wifi networks without any luck
The worst thing is that the lamp turns on spontaneously more often, 3 times on hour (or less if i got lucky)
Im really frustrated the lamp is useless and i dont know what to do, i really need your help and assistance
here is a video i took of problem connecting to app

i would love to get some assistant or help on this

My MI ID: 1803918730

Hi, please have a try with:

  1. Try changing your router’s DNS to and connect again.
  2. How about using another phone to setup a hotspots with 4G network and try connect lamp to it?

well i tried connecting it with my second router that use / as DNS with no success
tried to connect it to my Samsung galaxy s8 as a hotspot, same with no success
i also have the yeelight 480 that is working perfect on the same network without any problem of connection
i tried to contact gearbest, for replacement, they want me to send the defect one on my own (approx 140USD to send) and then pay them 150$ so they could send me a new one, its twice the price of a new one and clearly unreasonable prices, and i dont talk about their poor customer service or help using my warranty, i really need your help guys, ive been using this lamp less then a year, i really love it but now its unusable