Chinese and English versions?

Is there any differences between these lamps? I’m ordering Yeelights from aliexpress and some lamps are labeled "chinese "version. Wheareas others are labeled “English” or “global”. Are there any differences between them?

They both work with the same app and are the same device however the packaging and instructions may be different languages.


Basically,they are same product. However, for English or Global version, they passed local certificate like UL in US, CE/CB in Europe, KC in south Korea and are labeled with these certificate marks. Inside the products, some parts may be different to Chinese version in order to meet local legislation. Thus, those international version Yeelight products are theoretically safer or suitable to local market as they are localized.

In most cases, you do not need to concern if its Chinese or Global version given YEELIGHT product has really nice quality. However, you may better buy Global version as you will receive better service from the seller if they are Yeelight authorized



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