Default State Schedule

I’m simply wanting to be able to set a default state schedule while the bulbs are powered.

For example, I want my hallway light to adjust brightness and color at 7. However I dont want it to turn on at 7 unless I manually turn it on or schedule it to turn on. Yet, if I turn it on at 7:15, I want it to be that set brightness and color at that time.

I have not seen any implementations that allow for this. The closest I can get to accomplishing this is to set the light on a schedule in the Yeelight app. This schedule would be from 7 to 7. Start and end at 7. If the light is off at 7, the default state will change (if I have default state retained automatically), and will stay off. This is what I want to happen when it’s off. However, if it’s on before 7, then when the 7 schedule activates, the light will turn off.

Another way to put this is, I want to schedule the hue and brightness without having to turn the light off or on in the process. But I also want the hue to change if the light is already on.

Is this possible to do currently? If not, I believe this would be a very good feature to implement.

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Any news of recent developments on this?

Hi, I too am interested in the answer… have you found any solution yet?