Suggestion for app - predefined white color temperatures - Yeelight v2 Bulbs

A really nice addition to the app for the Yeelight RGBW bulbs would be that you can have the same color temperature selections as on the white bulbs.
I personally have no use for the Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Purple selection, but some might, so I’d just let those stay.

Original how the app is:

My suggestion:

If you don’t use color, I suggest you choose white color temperature.

I use both color and white, but mostly use white color temperatures. This is why it would be nice to have both options now that the Yeelights are actually RGBW.

I agree with renesdk, I don’t understand why theres not white preset on application with RCG bulb too. This is possible with alexa skills but not for goohle home.